Author: Will Middleton

  • Tuesday – September 1, 2020

    Tuesday – September 1, 2020

    T0day I was able to record 4 videos, I was super pumped about that, but other than that, just the usual.

  • Monday – August 31, 2020

    Monday – August 31, 2020

    Today I recorded a longer demo of how I create videos once I’ve recorded them. That’s what I’ve been up to for the last ~ 21 days. I’ve got the process down to about 15 – 25 mins 👍

  • Sunday – August 30, 2020

    Sunday – August 30, 2020

    Today I did the usual and also scanned in some more old photos. I’m feeling a bit fatigued from video creation, so it’s great to have days when I can record a few videos to hold me over for a day or two.

  • Saturday – August 29, 2020

    Saturday – August 29, 2020

    Today, just the usual sales chat, emails, & client work.

  • Friday – August 28, 2020

    Friday – August 28, 2020

    Today, mostly the usual. I have my own seat now in the Drift sales chat for LifterLMS With more sales reps, I definitely feel like I’ll lose income at this point, so I feel the pressure to get some more course and affiliate content going. Getting my content production funnel working is now something I’ve […]

  • Thursday – August 27, 2020

    Thursday – August 27, 2020

    Today I did the usual stuff (sales chat, emails, client meeting) And I’ve found one possible idea that would help me grow the bottom of my funnel with WPCourseGuide while also supporting my YouTube content production, so I might implement that making videos once per day for 30 days (easy videos), then once per week […]

  • Wednesday – August 26, 2020

    Wednesday – August 26, 2020

    Today I just did the usual sales chat and emails. I’m considering adding some sort of random variable to my day where I try to do something different. For example, I painted a painting about a week back, so I might adding implementing something like that to my daily routine

  • Tuesday – August 25, 2020

    Tuesday – August 25, 2020

    Today I’ve been killing a lot of moths, mosquitos, and other pests that have been getting into my room with the new AC, but it’s great to have it cool at night I got up early today to attend Nick Usborne’s group call for the members of the Conversational Copywriting course (10:00 am – the […]

  • Monday – August 24, 2020

    Monday – August 24, 2020

    Today we got the AC window unit installed, so that’s super cool But other than that, just a usual day. Currently feeling behind in general with LMScast work, WPCourseGuide work, etc.

  • Sunday – August 23, 2020

    Sunday – August 23, 2020

    Today I finished scanning in the 2001 part 2 box of photos, so I’ll now have to back those up to the cloud and edit whatever photos I’d like to add to some sort of family portal or something. Then did the usual sales chat, emails, client work.