Have you communicated with the decision makers at your work how you feel?

Completely and entirely communicated situations that have happened and how you have felt as a result.

Something like: 


I want to bring a situation to your attention and tell you how I felt as a result in the workplace.

I want to work with you and collaborate with you as my manager/leader/etc on how we can make a change to solve this issue moving forward.

I first want to say brining this issue to you has me feeling:

I want to work in a collaborative environment where I feel empowered to bring issues to you as my manager

When XYZ happens/happened I felt XYZ emotions

The following days make it feel worse to be in this environment feeling like my XYZ has not been heard.

I want to have a positive and collaborative relationship where I feel empowered to work here.

So as my manager I am bringing this issue to you to open a discussion about what change we can make to address this situation.

And I hope I have your support as my team lead to have the interest in helping me feel comfortable in the workplace.


Maybe you’ve brought up this issue before and the steps taken did not prevent a situation from happening again.

With this style of communication there’s no blame, there’s no speaking for other people, it’s just straight forward about how you feel

It’s only your responsibility to communicate how you feel

It’s your manager’s responsibility to work with you and take what you’re brining forward seriously.

If they neglect to do that or if you don’t feel they’re working with you, then you have an opportunity to bring that up to them in the same format.

The issue being this time that you brought an issue up previously and reached a solution to make a change and that change either didn’t happen or maybe wasn’t the complete solution.

If you want other people to take responsibility for their communication

You must set an example of what that communication will look like

What you’d like that communication to look like

This can be challenging when someone above your pay grade or in a level of authority above you is creating a negative situation

And they are not setting the tone of communication in an open, honest, and effective way

You have a choice at these junctures

You can:

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