The game here is to guess the secret theme of the commander deck with as little hints as possible

The commander is Kami of the Crescent Moon

“Sticks and stones may break my bones…”

Kami does not fit the theme himself, but all the cards in the main deck do

Apart from islands

Counterspell is not in the deck, because it doesn’t fit the theme


But Deprive does fit the theme


The first 3 pictures in the puzzle are very important

There’s 1 thing missing in one of the pictures

Why is it missing?

Why is it missing in that spot?

Not related to strategy of the deck

Not related to the color of the deck

Not related to cost of the deck

Not related to the art of the deck

NRT (not related to) the Kami in any way, this is only about the main deck (apart from islands)

Islands and Kami, don’t fit the theme

But every other card does

What’s in a name?

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