Will Middleton's project archive

Will Middleton Plays Video Games

A YouTube channel I started around the start of 2020 and revisited a few fond childhood games. Profit = $0-


I started out doing WordPress freelance work in 2018 with my site WPCourseGuide.com. Started doing freelance work being listed on the LifterLMS experts page. Profit = $20k+

Northern Lakes Outfitters

Passion project with my friend River to make a business selling clothes with Fiverr graphics made for the local ‘Minnesota Lakes’-type culture Profit = $0-

Fast Track To Eagle Scout Course

After working throughout middle school to reach Eagle Scout by age 14, I created this online course to learn the ropes with LifterLMS and WordPress and test out my course creation (2018). Profit = <$50


(Dec 2017) Online course website teaching people marketing topics and business ideas in general Profit = $0-


(Sept 2017) Online dropshipping store using creative commons images on merchandise via Printful. Profit = $0-

Sand Spectacles

(Nov 2017) An online store selling blue light blocking sunglasses. Profit = $0-

Obsessive Skin Care

(June 2017) Skin care blog (aimed to make money with affiliate commissions through Amazon’s affiliate program) Profit = $0-

StarFruit - YouTube

A YouTube channel I started in early 2017. More of myself playing the same video games I would end up playing later on my Will Middleton Plays Video Games Channel. Profit = $0-

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