I used to write and worry about finishing my work

I would always think my work wasn’t good enough

But today my work is good enough

Good enough for me

I did a presentation on Monday and I feel great about the storytelling I incorporated into that

I was dreading that presentation

I had a draft done

But I had more work to do 

It was a boring presentation

About a boring topic

For people who are bored

But for people who are ambitious

For people who want something more in life

They want to be an entrepreneur

A course creator

An industry expert

Something cool and inspiring

My presentation was called “Making courses and memberships in WordPress is easier than you think.”

It was a story-driven presentation about my coming into the LMS company I worked for

It touched on how I dropped out of high school and how I started my work and a bit about what I learned in the process

The presentation slides are the PDF #1 attached to this blog post

You can check it out if you want

I was inspired today to write 2 more chapters to that story

#2 and #3 attached to this blog post

I was inspired to treat it as a series of how I could tell my story in a way that’s valuable to others who want to learn the transformation I learned and am still learning

I know how to use WordPress

To build all kinds of sites

Any kind of site I want to build, I could make

But I want something more than that

I want to captivate the learners

I want to engage their minds in a new way

Knowing what to do isn’t enough to inspire people to want to learn from you

I grew up in the public education system

Where the kids are a captive audience to the teachers and principals who can teach in lackluster ways and get away with it

Some teachers are great

But they’re overall not paid enough to have an incentive to be great

I’m learning more about teaching as a fundamental practice and through these presentations possibly as chapters to a story I can convey teaching principles.

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