Author: Will Middleton

  • Sunday – August 23, 2020

    Sunday – August 23, 2020

    Today I finished scanning in the 2001 part 2 box of photos, so I’ll now have to back those up to the cloud and edit whatever photos I’d like to add to some sort of family portal or something. Then did the usual sales chat, emails, client work.

  • Saturday – August 22, 2020

    Saturday – August 22, 2020

    Other than the usual chat and client emails, today I started going through old photos and scanning them into a digital format to back up

  • Friday – August 21, 2020

    Friday – August 21, 2020

    Today I attended an appraisal for the house I may end up buying which is pretty sweet. Other than that a usual day. Most of my mental energy was spent on the house

  • Thursday – August 20, 2020

    Thursday – August 20, 2020

    Today I did the usual (sales chate, emails, client meetings). Other than that, I was able to keep up the streak of publishing a daily video, I finished a free course on Google Analytics, so now I’m much more comfortable with the Google Analytics dashboard.

  • Wednesday – August 19, 2020

    Wednesday – August 19, 2020

    Today I did the usual sales chat, emails, and client meetings. It does feel super great to have a video on deck and ready to upload and not feel the pressure of recording videos the day of.

  • Tuesday – August 18, 2020

    Tuesday – August 18, 2020

    Today was a standard day of client work, emails, and sales chat. I had the idea for some cornerstone content for, so maybe I’ll use that to work off of for large blog posts (maybe 6 total) and a course per blog post I was able to record 3 videos today, so I’m feeling

  • Monday – August 17, 2020

    Monday – August 17, 2020

    Today I did the usual sales chat, also recorded, uploaded, and published YouTube video for WPCourseGuide

  • Sunday – August 16, 2020

    Sunday – August 16, 2020

    Today I relaxed for the most part, did some sales chat/emails as well

  • Saturday – August 15, 2020

    Saturday – August 15, 2020

    Today I was able to complete my 1 week daily upload challenge to myself, so I’m pretty happy about that. But other than that, light client emails and chilling out

  • Friday – August 14, 2020

    Friday – August 14, 2020

    Today I had a client meeting, a little bit of client work, and recording some more YouTube videos for the WPCourseGuide YouTube channel