Here it is:

I love this

I started doing those videos because Gary Vee said something like, “if you want to be successful, do a video of yourself everyday”

And I guess it worked

I’ve been doing pretty well

And I think back 3.5 years ago (to when I’m writing this) to when I made that video and I’m like, “I love that kid, that kid made me who I am”

I feel like I’ve grown so much from being that kid, but I sometimes get down on myself about being depressed and stuff

But I know that kid was too

I think back to all the dreams and aspirations Will in Will’s bedroom at Will’s mom’s house at that time had

That kid had a lot of aspirations

And they all came true

Most of them came true

The things associated with that kid feeling stuck in life are not the things I feel stuck with anymore

I’m completely liberated from the struggles that kid had

But not liberated from the ongoing struggle that kid had

The struggle to get something out there, the struggle to get something else

Those videos are now a time capsule to me

I wasn’t really talking about what I thought at the time

And so I can only really guess based on pictures and those videos what was really going through my mind

I know by writing this now, that I will know what I was thinking

That feels good

I’d like to do more of that vlogging video stuff

That useless garbage that I’ll look back on in 40 years and be proud of

A video per day for 30 days

Maybe I should do that again

Maybe I will do that again

Let me see if I can find that YouTube channel

I couldn’t find the login, I need to look a bit deeper for that

That inspires me though

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