That’s something Chris says a lot

It’s like a catch phrase.

Edward found that very inspirational

When I said that, he instantly clicked onto it.

And I was like “why don’t you like my title? Where there’s community, there’s opportunity”

So I want to analyze the thought process that says:

What stream of thought leads to these 2 statements being different?

They’re both speaking to how you can be successful, but from different perspectives.

I think that phrase leaves a trail of disappointment

It’s very true everyone has a story

A story of change or something captivating

That can be turned into a course when communicated well

When the end user, customer, or viewer can follow along and relate to it.

That’s the ‘course that’s inside all of us’

A story of change others can relate to or transformation that can be imparted onto someone else

But my problem with that phrase is it creates a vibe that it will be easy.

It creates a feeling that it will be uplifting to go this experience

That it will be easy and you won’t experience road bumps

It’s like running a race with hurdles and not looking at the hurdles

Just focused on the finish line.

When you do that, the hurdles will punch you in the stomach and it will feel like shit.

You’ll feel like shit

You’ll feel like you’ve done something wrong

Like you’re not getting it

Others around you are uplifted

Others around you are getting it

So why the fuck aren’t you getting it?

It’s because you got the motivation to get to the finish line without any acknowledgment of how hard it will be.

Without any acknowledgment of what will stand in your way.

You feel like shit

Just make a course

There’s one inside of all of us

No one shows up to your course

You’re sad

Why does no one care about how smart you are?

Why does no one care about what you have to say?

Maybe you’re marketing it wrong

Maybe now that you have something you can market it and get people signed up

With a free lead magnet

Give them something for free that will get them intersted in learning more about what you have to offer.

Give them a taste

The original thing was something that not very many people wanted anyway

Do you want a free sample of something that tastes bad?

There’s a course inside of all of us makes an incredible amount of assumptions about what the person who’s inspired by the messages is thinking

It makes a lot of assumptions about what they’re thinking in life

It’s true that if you follow that quote to the finish line you’ll be okay

But in practicality I’ve seen a bunch of people disappointed by how it works out when it’s harder than they thought

When it doesn’t feel the way they wanted it to feel.

When they had expectations about how things would go and their experience didn’t match that expectation

There’s a course inside of me

I made that course

No one liked it

No one signed up for it

I had 10 people sign up

But I can’t get to 100 people

I can’t get any more people

If you’re that lucky where you get 10 people

If you’re that lucky where you get 100 people signed up

You’ve overcome barriers that most people will not make it through

Not because they can’t, because everyone can.

But because they’ll give up for some reason

Some reason or something in their life will cause them to give up.

There’s a story inside of all of us

That shit is very true

There is a story inside of all of us

And that story can be turned into a course

But when I tell you, “There’s a course inside of all of us”

Many people don’t try and tell their story

Not in a true or authentic way

They tell a fake story

The story that makes them look good

They tell the story the way they remember it happening

Which is not how it happened

If I can’t see how the course creator learned what they learned, then I can’t tell if they’re real or if they’re a poser

Posers are fucking everywhere and I love them

They’re people trying to fit in

I was a poser in all kinds of areas for years and I still am

I’m a poser in relationships

I’m a poser in videos when I have to drink or smoke weed as a part of my day in order to feel okay about the work that I do.

When I try to relate to people by inhibiting myself, I’m a poser

I stopped doing that shit just under a month ago

And there’s nothing to say that I won’t start again

Life might get too hard

I might try and find a muse

I might try and find a way out

I might try to find a way to make things easier


I got cut off with an outside conversation

I don’t know where I was going with that

But I think it was something along the lines of how people try and make others think they’re something more than they are

That what they are is not good enough

That they think what they are is not good enough

Not that It’s true

I don’t think it’s true

I think we’re good enough to tell our story

Even if we suck at telling the story

Even if we don’t know what the story is about

We can help people with our experience in some way

But it requires a bit more listening to the other person than projecting some kind of message on them that should motivate them to move forward

If it works for you

If that ‘course inside of all of us’ motivation works for you

Then good for you

Chris is smart, Chris cares about you being successful, I’m 100% confident about that.

Chris gives 100% care points about the people Chris works with

I think the style is reminiscent of rock climbing 

Not everyone wants to do rock climbing

Climbing a mountain is hard

I’d never want to do it

It’s too damn hard

Too damn cold

I’d be too damn hungry

And the fulfillment I’d get from reaching the top is nothing compared to how I’d feel by doing something like getting a massage or working out or something.

Nothing compared to how good I’d feel

But I know those people who like rock climbing feel good 

They feel good about their accomplishment

And the should feel good

That shit is incredibly hard.

They did something that most humans can’t or won’t do

I don’t do it because I can’t, but because it sounds like a painful journey for a great view of nature that I don’t care about

A great sense of fresh air

A great sense of self fulfillment that you did something you didn’t know you could do

Chris climbs mountains

Chris is very good at climbing mountains

Chris probably thinks to himself something motivational when Chris is climbing a mountain

Something like, “there’s a mountain inside of all of us”

That kind of motivation going through your head as you do something difficult is often motivation to keep going

Motivation to get to the top

Chris helps people get to the top of the mountain the best way Chris knows how

I can’t speak for Chris, but I bet Chris views hard work as climbing a mountain.

But when you reach the summit, it’s over. You win. You are the mountain.

You are greater than the mountain.

You are greater than your fear which tried to hold you back.

You are bigger than the doubt that lives in your brain

Your feat of hard work has proven that you have what it takes to keep moving forward.

It’s concrete proof that you have what it takes to keep moving forward.

If that’s anything close to what the truth is of what these people think,

That is a positive message

I think that message is true

I still don’t want to climb a mountain

I want life to simulate a different story for me

I grew up alone

Life wasn’t about doing hard things

Life was doing hard things

Life was just hard

Everything I did was hard

Getting Black Belt at 9 years old because I’d go to Karate immediately after school almost every day of the week and classes on weekends.

Getting Eagle Scout at 14 because I’d get home and work on merit badges instantly after homework for hours because I have a boy scouts meeting tonight and it’s time to get my shit in order so I’m ready to advance every single night.

My life wasn’t intense 

I hated camping, but I did it anyway like it was nothing because there is no resistance in life.

You can have no resistance

Resistance is unacceptable.

We have a goal, we have to get it

Life’s not a journey about overcoming difficult circumstances

Every circumstance is difficult and you can’t just give up

You have to push through

I looked for opportunities

Opportunties to hang out with friends

I looked for opportunities to hug another human

I looked for opportunities to feel loved

*not that I wasn’t loved, but that I felt alone all the time. I felt like no one took me seriously. Friends didn’t think what I was working on was real. Women didn’t think I was focused on the right things. Adults thought I was just a kid and I didn’t really know anything.

I obsess over opportunities

Opportunties to prove myself

Opportunties to make money and prove I could do something people didn’t think I could do or something worth while.

I fucking bleed, sweat, and cry over shit all the damn time.

I make money to prove I can drop out of high school and be smart and successful

I buy a house to prove to my peers that I am focused on the right shit

I swear when I write to prove that I’m here. I am paying attention

I do give a shit

You can tell whether I give a shit or not by whether I swear or not

I give a shit when I swear

I didn’t even notice in the last line, I wrote ‘shit’

That’s a product of how much I’m emotive and volatile about this

I heard that you should not swear when you write because it makes you sound emotional and volatile and that makes you not appear level headed or logical.

I think that’s fine if you want to be level headed and logical

I like to think I’m level headed and logical

But I’m not

I’m emotional

I’ve hidden my emotions for years

I learned that in order to be successful in life I need to be logical and level headed

Emotional people are wrecks

You don’t want to be like them

But it’s not a choice I can make

I am them

Instead of resisting who I am, leaning into it will teach me the most about myself the fastest.

It’s hard to do that when you need to keep the lights on

I need to eat

I need to make money

I need to get along with other people

I think I get along with other people fine when I’m emotional

I think logical and level headed is a great way to manipulate people

I think manipulating people is a great way to do business

I think manipulating people is a great way to make money

People who manipulate in life might walk away with more resources than those who don’t

We often envy those people

Those people run our society

Those people own social media platforms

If we want to surface on the social platform, we have to be like the platform which is a vision of the creator. 

To be successful in the ‘white mans’ world, you have to live the ‘white man’ way.

That sucks

I hate that shit

I hate that shit

That shit is annoying to me

That shit creates a culture that is toxic

We tell our stories the same way

We tell the same damn stories

We feel working harder leads to better outcomes

We believe we can control the world

We believe we control anything

*idk if that’s true, that’s just how I feel. That’s the emotional perspective

I have no clue how to create a culture that’s not built around leaders and the traits of those leaders

At least no clue top of mind

But I hope someday our society gets there


I’m pretty far off track from where I started

But I think that all stories have merit and those stories that inspire you are the best stories

So I want to analyze the thought process that says:

If you like climbing mountains then the first quote above is something you could carry with you as you climb that mountain

If you don’t like climbing mountains, then maybe there’s another way to approach the problem

Maybe there’s another way to look at it, Ed, where it’s not a story of desire and resistance

But instead a story of noticing the way things are and moving towards what you want based on that.

Instead of telling the story of climbing a mountain 

I want to tell the story of watching the water.

A story of talking to the moon.

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