I used to think being successful was about being busy

Having so much to do that I can’t keep up with it all

Having so many people romantically interested in me that I really felt like I had a great choice

Having so many clients want to work with me, that I could have high consulting rates

Having so many emails flooding my inbox, that I couldn’t respond to them all

That my attention felt like a premium

I just moved my inbox from 1900+ emails down to 79 emails

I didn’t think I could go the whole way in one sitting, but that’s because I believed work had to be hard

Work has to be overwhelming to be profitable and to be worth it

If it felt easy to go through my inbox, that wouldn’t feel right

That probably wouldn’t do the job

But it did do the job

I feel much better now

I feel like I’m starting to get my digital hoarding under control

At least it’s a win for me today with my inbox

Thinking about how to be more productive now that the lens of it having to be hard is falling away from my perspective

I now make $150/hour with my hourly work and I’m like, if I fill one day with 10 hours of work and make $1500 and I fill like 200 days a year with that, I’m making like $300,000 per year

And that’s great compared to what I’m making now, but it’s not great compared to what companies make

Companies I’ve worked with make

I’ve been thinking into how I can unlock that $500k+ income or even higher and I think it requires a whole new level of thinking with investments and subscription pricing for services

I’ve been learning a lot from Chris about services vs memberships vs products vs commodities

And how they all stack to create different layers in our economy

Like a gym is a membership you pay for and the products are the weights in the gym

The commodities involved are the iron and electricity the gym runs with

And the service on top of all of that is the personal trainer you can hire to help you get in shape

As we examine different products and needs, we can see services can become commodities in a larger vision

For example, the gym might become a product if we’re considering an overall health plan that involves:

If you have a life coach helping you with those things above, then the gym is no longer a membership, but more of a product of a larger service or membership depending on how it’s structured

Thinking of products in this way opens up a lot of mobility in how we can flex what we create as solutions to make sure we’re serving the right market in the right way

It might make it more clear as to why something didn’t work if the market wanted a product and you provided a service, maybe you’re operating under the assumption that a product and service are the same in the eyes of the customer, but we might need a focus on education of why a service would solve the issue a product currently solves instead of just trying to sell a service

I was talking to someone who wants to be a billionaire and I love this dude, he’s a cool dude

He compares his company to companies like McDonalds and Amazon and Google

Those are some big companies

And he’s trying to run a B2B (business selling to business) model in addition to running another B2B service and is hoping that will work

I told him, I think having a B2C + B2B in the business is nice and how a lot of those huge companies operate because they can leverage the growth of either one at any time

(B2C is business to customer or a normal person)

For example:




These businesses all leverage both types of models and mostly they profit off of the advantages from the B2B side of the business (stock value, selling subscriptions to businesses, and investing in changing technology)

But their B2C offerings make them a world-wide name

Their B2C offerings make it so everyone knows who they are

Having a technology company as B2B mixed with a marketing company B2B, I don’t think has quite the same effect

As something like, a B2B marketing company mixed with a B2C photo sharing software

Something like that

Something everybody can use and something only a certain amount of high-end money making entities are going to want to use

I used to think that I couldn’t figure out how advanced technology worked and I’m finding that I am able to find out very easily if I’m in the right places talking to the people who are cool and know what they’re talking about

The closer I get to the people changing the world right now by working for huge companies, the closer I get to understanding what’s really going on in the world right now

That feels good

Along this process I also don’t have to sacrifice who I am which is nice

I can wear my cool as Pacman pajama pants and go into GitHub’s building to listen to Meta and Google developers talk about cutting edge AI stuff and how they’re doing it

I can go with the flow and come out with just as much advantage as when I stressed and pushed myself and built the wrong things for the wrong reasons.

Learning how to test my assumptions in a way where I can really feel the impact like how intimidating it is to clean my inbox and then finding a way to do it that felt easy

Or learning code or something

It’s just more fun to have fun with it

Instead of living in scarcity believing if I don’t get up on the latest stuff, I’ll not have enough money to live

I think I can really make this journey peaceful on myself if I prioritize that peacefulness in the journey

That’s what I lost the last 3 years 

I gained a lot of other things, but I didn’t have peace and power

I had stress, chaos, and rushing

I’d like to change that now

I think I can change that now and I hope I do 🙂

I think Ryan Reynolds is cool, he’s turning into like an actor and business man

Mint Mobile, that soccer team, and now some other company called MNTN or something

That’s pretty cool for leaders to have that funny and intelligent charisma

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