I was watching a cool video on YouTube about the history of music

In the video, they mention that notating music was something that homogenized culture in a way

It meant that the songs and music became almost an object

Something that someone could play on one side of the world the same as they played it on the other because they were following the same sheet music

This is something that’s relatively new in the history of music

With music being about 40,000 years old or so and just 1,000 years ago, this way of writing sheet music became popular.

And even with sheet music, most people would not usually be able to afford to go to a symphony

Maybe once or twice in your life would you have the chance to go to a symphony

But now we have phones and computers that can play all kinds of complex music for us all the time

We don’t have to create music in the same way because we’re bombarded by it all the time

The rich people would have music played for them at live shows and stuff

But poor people would sing to themselves while working

So there’s an interesting difference there

The rich people weren’t making music, they were being played to

The poor people were both making the music and listening to the music at the same time

It’s a totally different experience of music and life

Music has a profound impact on our brains

I’m not sure how, but I’ve heard that before and I believe it

I think it has something to do with neural processing and stimulating different pathways to build new and complex associations and neural connections.

Something like that

But the idea that stood out to me was:

They’re different and it reminded me of when I was fingering my girlfriend one time

So like, I was fingering her because I’ve really only ever fingered my partners and gone down on them

My she-lami doesn’t work the way I wish it did sometimes

I’m a total bottom and I’ve only had a girlfriend penetrate me once actually when I lost my virginity

That shit was great. I hope one day I have a girlfriend who pegs me all the time

She made me wear her chain necklace and shit, it was great, I felt like totally her bitch, but she was a bit shady and clearly wasn’t telling me some shit so I broke that relationship off in a painful way

I was also still obsessed with someone else at the time

Someone I write way too many blog posts about on this website

But like the rest of my relationships have been fingers and tongue

And so recently I discovered something interesting while fingering my girlfriend

I was like laying behind her in kind of a big spoon position

And my right arm was over her body

And my left arm was under her neck

And I’m always thinking, “Am I moving my fingers too fast, too slow”

I’m always gauging her response in this reactive way

But like I never know when to stop so I just go for like a long time and eventually my gfs have been like super exhausted

Because there’s just no telling what’s going on in her mind

But this new shit that’s related to music is cool

So in that spoon position, I used my left hand to feel her pulse on her neck

Then I used my right hand to do things with my right hand at the pace of her pulse

Maybe you’re already sex experts and you know this shit, but it’s totally new to me

By using my partner’s pulse to determine the pace I’m moving my fingers, she’s kind of controlling what I’m doing without knowing it

It’s like her pulse is the beat of a song and my hand is an instrument

That’s kinda cool

Doing this instead of just randomly guessing on speeds over like 30 minutes makes it easier for me to zone out and just have my body follow her pulse and do whatever

And she also got like 10x more pleasure out of it

She’d get exhausted and her pulse would drop

She wouldn’t tell me she was exhausted, but I would just drop to the rate of her pulse

It would go back up and so would my hand speed

Two sexual interactions would never look the same 

Just as two songs from before sheet music was popularized would never sound the same

Dancing with the tempo of the listener’s heart is a cool idea

I don’t know how I would do this, but if there was some way to incorporate the listener’s heartbeat into the music they’re listening to, that would be sick

I go through my Apple Music looking for songs and I can’t find what I’m looking for that easily, but if it used data from my watch to recommend and play music based on the rate of my heart, that would be sick.

Just a random idea

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