I just washed some used underwear I had in a bag

I had like underwear and socks in there

I made this bag in like January of 2024

And it’s the best thing ever

I like perfume and stuff, but there’s something about the pheromones I just go to peace immediately when smelling that stuff.

It’s not like a ravaging sensation to get into other people’s stuff

But like definitely my own stuff and I definitely have bought some used socks, slippers, and panties online.

There’s something about those things that hits another level with me when it comes to peace.

I don’t know why or what it is

But I need some underwear now

I need some more socks and underwear and I really don’t want to wash what’s in this bag because it will return to normal.

It’s got such a sensation for me right now just the way it is.

I try to appreciate things like fresh air or laying in the park as if it brings me total peace

But it doesn’t.

It feels like I’m trying to force peace.

The underwear stuff it hits different for me.

It brings me some true peace for a moment

It’s strange to be like, “I have my used socks and underwear in a bag and smelling that brings me to peace”

That’s the kind of thing you’d keep secret.

The kind of thing you wouldn’t put on the internet

But I’ve had those secrets for a while now and I don’t feel like I need them anymore.

The more secrets I give away, the more I feel liberated.

My identity and the things that make it up and formed my own ego don’t feel like they hold the weight they once did.

I’m not pretending anymore that I’m on some kind of journey to find myself and constantly looking at others to try and find it.

I’m feeling the journey come through me with the things I like.

I love Mexican Day of the Dead Talavera tiles

I love my sock bag

I think in some way somehow I’ve become sloppy over time

Sloppy in the process of learning

When suits were originally invented I think a lot of their appeal was in the clean and tight look they had.

It wasn’t as much about the other characteristics that made them the way they are.

Black, blue, and gray are strong colors, but I think there’s an appeal to things where you know a large amount of work has been put in.

It’s easier to sell clients when they can see themselves in the reflection of the zipper on your bag

It’s not a substitution for knowing what you’re talking about or being nice

But it is an x-factor that can add a lot to things

Never really necessary

But most technology and products are not really necessary

Summoning the ability to create things that other people want and continuing to level up your audio quality, video quality, quality of how clean your bags are, how clean your desk is, how clean the tools you use when your hammer is even thought nobody is going to see it.

It introduces a level of concienciousness that minimizes the amount of things we hold onto because we put so much more effort into the things we do already own.

We put so much work into what we have and end up appreciating them more.

Needing less things because we spend more time with the things we already have.

I don’t think tightening up your look is necessarily always the way to go to the next level because I think sometimes getting dirty is a part of going to the next level to break things down, be more raw with yourself

But I think for me, a growth edge in life is to lean into detailed work.

I can create as much content as I’d like and worry about why others don’t like it, but maybe here my growth edge is in the conscious work I put into the details.

And the overall care I give to the process.

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