Shaving should feel like worshipping your body.

I think if shaving feels like a task, you’re doing it wrong.

Or you shouldn’t be doing it at all.

Waking up shouldn’t feel like a task.

It should feel like an act of worshipping your life.

We create change in our lives through the things we make sacred.

I’m tryna bring more peace for me

Peace of mind

Peace in habit 

Clip your toes nails and massage your feet

Keep them loose or they’ll get too hard and sore

Gotta take care of my Peppa Pigs

My pig-lins

Gotta keep them good

I can buy a new phone, but I can’t buy a new set of digits

So name all your toes and take lots of baths

This life doesn’t have to last forever

One day you will come to peace

And that will be the only thing you ever want

Having peace and giving to the world the way the world gives to itself

Spread my ass for a fan on warm days

Spread my ass for my gf tryna get in there

Spread my ass on Twitter with pics and videos

Just be all over the place

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