January 4, 2024

11:55 pm

Magic the Gathering – January 4, 2023

I’ve been buying a lot of Magic (the Gathering) cards lately so I’m all open to new business and client work so I can fuel my addiction to these shiny cardboard masterpieces.

Earlier today I did the usual LifterLMS live streams – Live presales call and Office Hours

Chris told me this should be a fun year for me – I’m like “I don’t know about fun, but I’m like how am I going to get client leads – the solution is I guess to go all in”

People around me are doing million dollar deals and I keep telling myself I just gotta swim into some new territory, but as long as I keep trying my best, going all in there’s no way the heart can fail – fingers crossed.

I’m still talking to Konnor applying for the apartment in Seattle – sounds like we’re closing in on that.

I constantly catch myself looking forward in life and being like “I have got to try and do this perfectly.” this prevents me from producing anything at all.

Then I find myself looking back at life and being like, “the imperfection is what made that great. I’m glad I decided to launch. I’m glad I decided to post.”

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