Assembling IKEA furniture

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Good strategy when assembling IKEA furniture will take you further than good effort ever will

I was putting together a small dresser and had to use penny nails to nail the back to the dresser. I faced some friction when nailing a specific part. I was supposed to put 6 nails across the top and bottom and 5 on each side. The sides were easy enough, but the bottom was a pain, so I just put 2 nails and it holds fine. I wouldn’t even notice it was only 2 nails.

No need to technically finish the dresser with all the nails as it is good enough to function now

When putting together a small table from IKEA, I was straining myself to get the table legs on, so I Googled for a video on how to set up the table and found a better way to screw in the legs.

Good strategy in this case beat good effort

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